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Pixel loading defaults to 4096 x 2160 for true 4K resolution, which means that a single Tessera SX40 can load up to 8,847,360 red, green and blue pixels in a single display. Our carbon fiber Desay Series HL just found a new dance partner. But which one is Ginger and which one is Fred?


The SX40 is 2 rack units tall and ready to be put in its place. And true to its British origins, we have dimensions of 17 * 3.5 * 20 inches wide, tall and deep, with a rear width of 19 inches and just over 16.5 pounds. Or 432 * 89 * 508, and 483 millimeters for the rest of us.


Our SX40 uses Dark Magic for dark details and ChromaTune for video colour replacement. OSCA is on screen colour adjustment to correct any mismatch. And if you prefer your video from a different perspective, the SX40 offers free placement and rotation of panels.


The SX40 supports full 4K up to 60 hertz with 8, 10 and 12 bits per channel colour depths and a full 18 gigabytes per second of HDMI 2.0 bandwidth with a maximum 600MHz pixel clock. Maybe take your tech guy out for a coffee and he can explain to you what all this means.


The SX40 is rated CE and ETL/cETL for most every market, and has a switched autoranging power supply for 100V ~ 240V and an input power frequency of 50 ~ 60 hertz. Our Desay technicians will provide an electrical schematic specific to your LED project on request.


Slide your new SX40 into a 19" rack and plug it into the mains power. Connect to your displays through HDMI or SDI with DP for monitor output. Load up Tessera Management Software for local use or Tessera Remote Software. Call us if you need any assistance.

Specifications · Brompton Tessera Distribution

Executive position wanted. Permanent or temporary.
Therefore, in your deliberations, when seeking to determine the military conditions, let them be made the basis of a comparison. ~ Sun Tzu
Series XD
Dimensions mm · (inch)
Width 432 (17.0)
Height 89 (3.5)
Depth 209 (8.2)
Weight kilo · (pound)
Cabinet 3.7 (8.2)
Performance (#)
Inputs · 10G copper (1)
Inputs · Neutrix etherCON Cat 6A
Inputs · Neutrix etherCON Cat 5e
Inputs · 10G fiber (1)
Inputs · Neutrix opticalCON DUO
Inputs · Neutrix opticalCON DUO ARMOURED
Inputs · Neutrix opticalCON DUO X-TREME
Inputs · Neutrix opticalCON DUO LITE
Inputs · Neutrix etherCON Cat 5e
Video Outputs · output ports XD 10G / 1G (4) 1G Ethernet (4) 1G Ethernet (4) 1G Ethernet (1)
Video Outputs · fibre output 🗸
Video Outputs · cable redundancy 🗸 🗸 🗸
Video Outputs · processor redundancy 🗸
Capacity · pixel capacity 8847360 ‭2073600‬ ‭2073600‬ 518400
Capacity · default canvas size 4096 * 2160 1920 * 1080 1920 * 1080 1920 * 1080
Capacity · custom canvas support 🗸 🗸 🗸 🗸
Capacity · maximum panels/fixtures 2000 2000 2000 500
Video Processing · SD-/HD-SDI deinterlacing 🗸
Video Processing · region of interest 🗸 🗸
Video Processing · output scaling 🗸 🗸 🗸
Software Features · ChromaTune 🗸 🗸
Software Features · multiple fixture support 🗸 🗸 🗸 🗸
Software Features · panel rotation 90 · 180 · 270 🗸 90 · 180 · 270 🗸
Software Features · support for sub-fixtures 🗸 🗸 🗸 🗸
Genlock Latency · Genlock to video inputs 🗸 🗸 🗸 🗸
Genlock Latency · lock to internal timing 🗸 🗸 🗸
Genlock Latency · e2e latency all features frames (2) frames (3) frames (2) frames (3)
Genlock Latency · e2e latency low latency mode frames (2) frames (2)
Control · DMX512 🗸 🗸 🗸
Control · Art-Net 🗸 🗸 🗸
Control · sACN Live Control 🗸 🗸 🗸
IP Code 20
Operating · celsius · (fahrenheit) -20 (-4) · 60 (140)
Fine Print
Specifications Brompton and Telematics reserves the right to change any specifications without prior notice.
Factory Warranty Faulty components to be repaired or exchanged for 2 years from the date of shipping.

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Pricing · Brompton

We respect the value of your time. Use these numbers to ballpark the costs for your project. Then call us for a quote.
Now the general who wins a battle makes many calculations in his temple ere the battle is fought. ~ Sun Tzu
· SX40 14000 /unit
· M2 15000 /unit
· S4 5000 /unit
· T1 4000 /unit
update: 7/2019

Tessera Management Software included

Tessera Remote Software included

Tessera Control Application included

Air Freight quote

Factory Warranty · Two Years
· XD 3000 /unit
update: 7/2019

Air Freight quote

Factory Warranty · Two Years
Receiver Cards
· R2 000 /unit
update: 7/2019

Air Freight quote

Factory Warranty · Two Years

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