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The Art Of Touch · Displax Skin Fit

Developed in Portugal, manufactured in Braga, and touching audiences around the world since 2004.
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Displax can cover each and every one of the pixels on your LCD panel or GlassVu rear projection screen. The active area of the Skin Fit can extend out to the dimensions you have specified and Displax Connect software sets out where the sensor responds to your touch.


The Skin Fit is a near-transparent polyester touch sensor that weighs next to nothing and measures anywhere from 20" to 105" diagonal. We could convert to Metric, but no one would know what we were talking about. Basically, small to huge and everything in-between.


The technical challenge of placing a touch sensor over a display is the trade-off between limiting the parallax effect and distance to the LCD, and any interference generated by the panel. Displax recommends a space of no less than 2 millimeters from the sensor to the panel.


Ready, set, touch. The Skin Fit responds to your touch in just 5 milliseconds. Which is about 60 times faster than it takes most of us to blink in disbelief at just how fast that is. Touch accuracy is 0.53% of the sensor's diagonal measurement and finger separation is 2.64%.


All the power demands from the Displax Skin Fit are easily met by the USB 2.0 that connects the sensor and controller to your computer. With one less power cable to be concerned about, you can focus your own energy on dreaming up content for your new display.


Installation is not to be taken lightly. This is a job that requires careful preparation, a clean working environment, some level of expertise and dedicated attention to detail. So unless your Brother-in-law can do all that, now is the time to seek out a professional and share these videos.

Specifications · Displax Skin Fit

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Series Ultra Fit Dual
Dimensions inch · (mm)
Diagonal 30~105 (76~266) 20~105 (50~266) 20~105 (50~266)
Sensor thickness · µ 125 125 125
Weight grams · (ounces)
Controller 60 (2.1) 40 (1.4) 40 (1.4)
Transparency · % very high high high
Monitor · LCD yes yes yes
Rear projection screen yes yes yes
Touch points · simultaneous 100 40 2
Touch response · milliseconds 5 5 9
Finger separation · % of diagonal 1.30 2.64 4.01
Touch accuracy · % of diagonal 0.26 0.53 0.80
Noise shielding · XTR-Shield Plus yes yes
Noise shielding · XTR-Shield yes
Lifetime · hours 100000 100000 100000
Input power rated · USB 2.0 2.0 2.0
Adhesive to glass · permanent yes yes yes
Adhesive to glass · static cling no yes yes
Optical bonding · optional yes yes yes
Maximum substrate · mm 10 15 15
Operating temperature · °C -20 ~ 70 -20 ~ 70 -20 ~ 70
Specifications · Manuals
Fine Print
Specifications Displax and Telematics reserves the right to change any specifications without prior notice.
Factory Warranty Faulty components to be repaired or exchanged for 2 years from the date of invoice.

The Sales Pitch

So here's the deal...
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About Telematics

Telematics is a federally-incorporated company based in Vancouver since 2000. Our global partners manufacture innovative LED display panels, cabinets, curtains, interactive video floors and the systems that control them. We distribute the world's most advanced touch skins and rear projection films that turn any window into a massive display.
Our high-volume relationship with our manufacturers and low corporate profile allows us to provide aggressive pricing and personalized service to a world-wide network of principals and project managers in the audio-video and digital signage industry. We also sell directly to businesses and individuals who select and install their own systems with the assistance of local tradesmen and engineers.

Displax Skin Fit

The Skin Fit is packs support for 40 simultaneous touch points, response times of just 5 milliseconds, and custom and standard sizes ranging from 20" to 105" diagonal.
Skin Fit is available in industry standard 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios, and in custom sizes for your project. The flexible flat cables can be specified for any side of the touch sensor.
The sensor uses a short 3 connector flexible flat cable to ensure an easy integration for cable routing. The controller board has screw holes to allow for rigid support.
A key component of any interactive touch experience is speed. The Skin Fit offers an unprecedented 5-millisecond response rate in large-format projected capacitive touch displays.
A single Skin Fit can be set on top of two or more displays and still command them seamlessly. Advanced calibration tools allow for geometric calibrations on all the screens covered by the sensor with the same ease as one display.
Skin Fit uses the proprietary noise filtering technology XTR-Shield Plus to filer noise from the LCD that otherwise which means the sensor can be placed closer to the display to reduce the parallax effect caused by the gap between the touch sensor and the screen.
Skin Fit can be laminated on glass up to 15 millimeters thick to fit most any project requirements such as outdoor kiosks where thicker glass is used.

Operating Systems

The Skin Fit offers native multi-touch in Windows, Android, Ubuntu and Chrome operating systems, native single-touch in Mac OS X, and mouse emulation in Windows embedded, Samsung SSP, Brightsign and Spinetix.

Our Manufacturers

Displax can turn an ordinary shop window into a massive touch display that makes ordinary LCD panels and projections extraordinary.
Displax develops, manufactures and markets multi-touch products including the Display Skin, a transparent foil that can be applied to non-conductive surfaces to create an interactive interface.
Displax Production team manufactures, assembles and handles all testing prior to shipping. The best equipment for the production process are used and the team has the best expertise and skills to ensure high levels of product quality.
Displax is arguably the world-leader in the field of projected capacitance large format touch displays.

Our Customers

For 20 years we have developed business relationships with thousands of people from every corner of the world.
Many are audio visual professionals and consultants who need to source premium equipment for their clients. Others are architects and designers looking for solutions to create LED walls or interactive floors. And some are end-users prepared to take on the challenge of setting up their own digital displays.
In each case, we provide our customers with the answers they need and endeavour to offer solutions that are affordable, effective and reliable.
And we always keep their secrets to ourselves.

Our Cool Photos

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Our Cool Videos

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Pricing · Displax Touch

We respect the value of your time. Use these numbers to ballpark the costs for your project. Then call us for a quote.
The onrush of a conquering force is like the bursting of pent-up waters into a chasm a thousand fathoms deep.~ Sun Tzu
Skin Ultra
· Skin Ultra 30" quote /unit
· Skin Ultra 32" quote /unit
· Skin Ultra 40" quote /unit
· Skin Ultra 42" quote /unit
· Skin Ultra 46" quote /unit
· Skin Ultra 50" quote /unit
· Skin Ultra 55" quote /unit
· Skin Ultra 60" quote /unit
· Skin Ultra 65" quote /unit
· Skin Ultra 70" quote /unit
· Skin Ultra 72" quote /unit
· Skin Ultra 74" quote /unit
· Skin Ultra 75" quote /unit
· Skin Ultra 80" quote /unit
· Skin Ultra 84" quote /unit
· Skin Ultra 85" quote /unit
· Skin Ultra 90" quote /unit
· Skin Ultra 98" quote /unit
· Skin Ultra 100" quote /unit
· Skin Ultra 105" quote /unit update: 10/2019

Air · Ground included

CE Certified standard
FCC Certified standard

Warranty · 2 Years standard
Skin Fit
· Skin Fit 30" quote /unit
· Skin Fit 32" quote /unit
· Skin Fit 40" quote /unit
· Skin Fit 42" quote /unit
· Skin Fit 46" quote /unit
· Skin Fit 50" quote /unit
· Skin Fit 55" quote /unit
· Skin Fit 60" quote /unit
· Skin Fit 65" quote /unit
· Skin Fit 70" quote /unit
· Skin Fit 72" quote /unit
· Skin Fit 74" quote /unit
· Skin Fit 75" quote /unit
· Skin Fit 80" quote /unit
· Skin Fit 84" quote /unit
· Skin Fit 85" quote /unit
· Skin Fit 90" quote /unit
· Skin Fit 98" quote /unit
· Skin Fit 100" quote /unit
· Skin Fit 105" quote /unit update: 10/2019

Cling Film select

Air · Ground included

CE Certified standard
FCC Certified standard

Warranty · 2 Years standard
Skin Dual
· Skin Dual 30" quote /unit
· Skin Dual 32" quote /unit
· Skin Dual 40" quote /unit
· Skin Dual 42" quote /unit
· Skin Dual 46" quote /unit
· Skin Dual 50" quote /unit
· Skin Dual 55" quote /unit
· Skin Dual 60" quote /unit
· Skin Dual 65" quote /unit
· Skin Dual 70" quote /unit
· Skin Dual 72" quote /unit
· Skin Dual 74" quote /unit
· Skin Dual 75" quote /unit
· Skin Dual 80" quote /unit
· Skin Dual 82" quote /unit update: 10/2019

Cling Film select

Air · Ground included

CE Certified standard
FCC Certified standard

Warranty · 2 Years standard


Don't drive yourself crazy trying to figure out the right series and the correct specifications and dimensions for your project. Just contact our offices and in ten minutes we can review everything and find out what works best for the space and the budget.


Everyone leaves ordering to the last possible moment. Telematics will share in your stress and jump through every hoop to meet your ever-evolving schedule. But first we need a fifty-percent deposit to get your order into production, tested, packaged and ready to ship.


Your order can be shipped by air or ocean, to the port or to your door. Shipping schedules and Customs clearance are outside of our control. Allow plenty of time for unexpected delays. Also, you would not believe how many National Holidays are observed in China. Seriously.


Telematics will provide schematics for the individual panels and the full display as well as electrical drawings and plans for custom frames. Your order will be factory-tested while fully-assembled, photographed and then disassembled and crated for shipping. No unpleasant surprises.


Desay and NovaStar provide full technical support to assist with any issues that come up. Most problems are diagnosed and resolved using TeamViewer remote access software, Skype and a webcam or often just a simple exchange of polite emails and courteous phone calls.


Desay supports their products with a comprehensive two-year factory warranty that provides for free replacement or repair or of any failed components and may be extended to 5 years for a modest surcharge. No law firms were engaged to write this warranty.

Contact · Telematics Canada

Politely awaiting your call. It's a Canadian thing...
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Telematics Canada

375 Water Street, Suite 200
Vancouver, BC V6B 0M9

8:00 am to 8:00 pm

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