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NovaStar's LED Configuration Tools begin by requesting the number of horizontal and vertical pixels in each cabinet or panel that makes up the display. If you don't happen to have that number on hand, calculate (1000/pixel pitch) * the row length. Or just start counting...


The configuration parameters also include the overall dimensions of the display as determined as a multiple of the pixels defined in the receiving cards. Enter the number of rows and columns and LCT works out the rest. Select one of the preset data flow icons that reflect your cabling.


Manage the calibration of your reds, greens and blues that make up a pixel, a panel or a display using online or offline tools to upload files, set and save, adjust or erase or reset calibration coefficients. Odds are you'll probably enjoy the results more than the work, but that's life.


NovaStar LCT does everything you might ask of configuration software. We are currently on version 5 so there is a wealth of knowledge and experience that has brought us to this point. LCT is just the nuts and bolts to get you up and running. Just be sure to read the manual.


LCT is happy on any modern PC that runs a current copy of Windows. If your display is happier on a Mac, LCT Smart is available for OSX. Having invested in a gorgeous new LED that spans your lobby or welcomes your customers, maybe it is time for some fresh hardware.


Download LCT from our links below and open up the .zip file on your desktop. Then just double-click through to locate the application file and then follow the prompts from there to allow the serial driver to be installed or otherwise updated on the system hard drive.

Specifications · NovaLCT

Configure your LED display. Read the manual.
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The Sales Pitch

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About Telematics

Telematics is a federally-incorporated company based in Vancouver since 2000. Our global partners manufacture innovative LED display panels, cabinets, curtains, interactive video floors and the systems that control them. We distribute the world's most advanced touch skins and rear projection films that turn any window into a massive display.
Our high-volume relationship with our manufacturers and low corporate profile allows us to provide aggressive pricing and personalized service to a world-wide network of principals and project managers in the audio-video and digital signage industry. We also sell directly to businesses and individuals who select and install their own systems with the assistance of local tradesmen and engineers.

Our Manufacturers

NovaStar is one of the leading LED display solutions providers in the world, with product lines that include LED display synchronous and asynchronous control systems, point-by-point calibration and cloud-based information publishing and management.
The Beijing Olympic Games, Tienanmen Celebration for the 60th Anniversary on National Day,Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, Xi'an International Horticultural Expo, Games for University Students and other large-scale events all relied on control systems are provided by Nova.
Through constant innovation, NovaStar now holds more than 20 proprietary intellectual property rights in LED display control, cloud computing and other fields.
NovaStar has been awarded the Xi'an Award for Science and Technology and the Shaanxi Award for Science and Technology.

Our Customers

For 20 years we have developed business relationships with thousands of people from every corner of the world.
Many are audio visual professionals and consultants who need to source premium equipment for their clients. Others are architects and designers looking for solutions to create LED walls or interactive floors. And some are end-users prepared to take on the challenge of setting up their own digital displays.
In each case, we provide our customers with the answers they need and endeavor to offer solutions that are affordable, effective and reliable.
And we always keep their secrets to ourselves.

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