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Desay TR. Trade Show Ready. Now Equipped With Brompton Tessera.

More and more exhibitors are showing up at trade shows with industry-standard exhibition frame systems that measure an unusual 496 * 496 millimeters. There is much to recommend these frame systems, as they are quick to set up and quicker still to pack up. Hard panels and soft fabric squares fill out the frames to create a custom backdrop for any company.

Desay is bringing its own custom panel to the show with the new frame-ready Desay Series TR starting at just $2772 for a square meter which works out to a very cost-effective $682 a panel. Which means Frank in Accounting will be very pleased.

But of course life is about more than scoring points with the bean counters. We also need make the Technicians happy.

For Q1/2020 we are bringing the same (very) big screen power and versatility of Brompton Technology that we offer in our Series H and HL touring panels to the small(er) screen as an upgrade in our Series TR. This means your custom exhibition display layout will benefit from Brompton R2 cards and controllers, and the powerful Tessera Processor Software. Your Technician will explain why this warrants your attention.

The TR can be spec'd with 90-degree corners and our Hard Face GOB Hard Face GOB
• effective for fine-pixel panels
• repair of individual pixels
• protects against damage
• improved viewing angles
• reduced moire effect
treatment to protect your display from curious hands and spills, eliminate contrast shields and just basically make the image look gorgeous.

Desay WB. Indoor Installation. Direct-To-Wall.

I expect that a quick poll of LED manufacturers would reveal that all of them had an indoor panel that would attach to a frame that was attached to the wall. But just how many have a custom indoor panel that attaches directly to the wall? Well, I don't actually know. But I do know that Desay does!

The Desay Series WB is a budget-friendly panel that starts at just $1455 for a square meter in a 3.90 or can more than double that number if you were thinking ultra-fine pixel densities of 1.56 millimeters. That would be 409,600 pixels in a square meter!

The WB is not equipped for the great outdoors but it does get great with difficult corners. So get ready to follow your vision and your display into the next room or wherever it might lead you. Or just do a full surround on a big column to impress your audience and your clients!

The ridiculously-affordable Series WB can be seen in action here.

Get ready to get rid of all those excuses that have stopped you from turning that boring beige wall into something spectacular.

Desay HB. Bestseller Rental Panel. Optional LED Floor Configuration.

Building on success isn't always easy when your siblings are winning Red Dot and iF Design awards!

The Desay Series HB has just been upgraded to indoor fine-pixel densities starting at 2.60 millimeters. That's 147,000 pixels in a square meter!

For outdoor applications we are starting at 2.97 millimeters which means that an audience standing just 10 feet away will be in for an amazing display of - well, that part is entirely up to you.

The very-affordable Series HB can be seen in action here.

Prices for 2020 are predictably lower with the Desay HB starting at just $1725 for a square meter. That includes ETL and FCC and a rugged build that includes little bumpers to protect the corners :).

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